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On a lovely fall weekend in 2011, we wanted to take a drive and maybe visit an interesting place.  We decided on a charming destination called Amish Acres located in Nappanee, Indiana.  The setting was absolutely beautiful.  As we walked around the 80 acre Amish farm and visited the 138 year old farm house if felt like time had stopped over a century ago.

To start the tour of Amish Acres, we watched a short film explaining the founding of the Amish in Europe.  The film explains their lifestyle, customs and religious beliefs.  It was interesting to hear how they integrate into the modern world, while retaining their simple way of life based on the technology of the past.

After the film, we took a tour of the apple orchards, kitchen garden, outbuildings and the highlight was the twelve room white farm house.  Later we walked around the beautiful grounds and peaked into the old barn with chickens, turkeys and roosters roaming all around.  There was even a traditional black Amish buggy in the wagon shed.  Then we took an easy walk down to the pond and past the cider & grist mill to a one room schoolhouse.

When we visited on a crisp cool fall day, they were making apple butter in a cast iron kettle over an open fire and we got to have a delicious taste.  We also took a farm wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick Halloween pumpkins and roasted marshmallows over a camp fire.  (Mine were slightly burnt – but that’s how I like them!)

Amish Acres is a great place to visit.  Learning about the history and simple life of the Amish was very interesting and educational.  This area of northern Indiana was absolutely beautiful during the fall but I’m sure it is equally nice in the summer or spring.

Before planning a trip to Amish Acres in Indiana, check out their website for directions, hours and other general information.

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  1. I really enjoyed this day trip. Not only was it cool to see horse drawn buggies driving down the highways, but the site was very educational. What I found most interesting was that each group has a head that can decide how much technology his people can use. The groups are completely separate and what one leader says doesn’t have any impact on the other groups.

    • @ Jeff Jones – this was a wonderful day trip! I encourage families to get in their cars and explore the areas around their hometowns – you will be amazed at the places you find and the history that is just a short drive away!

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