Decor – Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine door wreathValentine’s Day … a time to celebrate love!!  As many of you know, I love to decorate the house for each holiday celebration, it brings me a lot of pleasure and I know my family appreciates my efforts.  This year I am adding a couple of new Craft projects, Rosebud Hearts and a Heart-shaped Door Wreath.  For Valentine’s Day I don’t have very many decorations like the other holidays so I will keep it simple and easy!

Boyds Bears cabinetTo greet visitors at our front door or guests attending the Queen of Hearts tea luncheon, I am hanging a new Heart-shaped Door Wreath.  In the library, there is the glass-front lawyer bookcase filled with my Boyd’s Bear Collection, and I will add my special Valentine’s Day figurines.  I will repurpose the red sparkle netting that I used on the chair backs for the tea luncheon and arrange it among the Boyd’s Bear figurines on the top two shelves.  On the bottom shelf that holds the Boyd’s Bear Village, which is still decorated for winter, I will sprinkle tiny red hearts.  In the dining room, the table is still set with a red tablecloth and the deep pink rose floral arrangement from the family room.  I’ve added red feather sprays and three red sparkle hearts on sticks for the tea luncheon.  In the kitchen, I will hang several red and silver glass ornaments from the light fixture and maybe I will add some red ribbons to make it more festive.  Lastly, I will hang the Rosebud Heart from my daughter’s bedroom door with a special note attached so she finds it in the morning when she wakes up for school.

Please look for the February Celebration post for Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas, most of these ideas are projects to do with your child and one is something cute to do for the kids!

Celebration – Queen of Hearts Party

Queen of Hearts Party tableWith Valentine’s Day coming in February, it is never too early to brainstorm a party idea and I have a great theme – Queen of Hearts!  This theme could be used to set the table for a fun family dinner or an elegant tea luncheon or late dinner with close girlfriends.

Valentine’s Day is not always about romance and couples, it can also be a time to show love and support for your family and friends.  With our busy lives and everyone scattered to school, work and athletic activities sometimes we need to stop and spend some quite quality time together.  This would be a great occasion to celebrate with your family and show them how much you love them!  Fix a great dinner or maybe order take-out, it doesn’t matter, just take the time to talk and share together as a family.

Maybe there are other important people in your life that you want to show your love and support.  Another idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to invite other mothers in the neighborhood or your child’s school.  What a wonderful afternoon it could be sitting around the table with friends, enjoying a relaxed lunch and sharing the happiness or difficult times of motherhood.  (We’ve got to support each other!)  Or maybe you are single and want to get together with your girlfriends for a celebration.  Schedule a late dinner after work to eat a great meal and sit around a beautifully decorated table talking about love, men and dating … besides who wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day!

Basic supplies

  • Red tablecloth, size is determined by the table dimensions
  • White or ivory napkins for each guest
  • Rose floral centerpiece
  • Red rose buds for each place setting
  • Beautiful plates, glasses, utensils for each place setting
  • Red ribbon and red sparkle netting for chair back decorations
  • The photo shown above shows our dining room table set for a tea luncheon.

Queen of Hearts Party place setting    Queen of Hearts Party floral centerpiece

Start by setting the dining room table with a red tablecloth.  Set each place setting with beautiful plates, cup and saucers, glasses and utensils.  I used a large white dinner plate with a smaller red salad plate on top.  As a cute touch I cut a slice large jelly heart and attached it to the rim of the teacup.  Next, I used white napkins with a red rose bud tucked into silver napkin rings.  To complete each place setting, I used small white frames, tied with red ribbons for place cards.  To add festive look to the chair backs, I used two yards each of 1½ wide ribbon and 6 inch wide red sparkle netting tied into bows.  I also cut a large heart of red sparkle foam for each chair and attached it to the chair back.  Finally, to complete the table I wanted to enhance an existing deep pink rose floral arrangement, so I added red feather sprays and three red glittered hearts on sticks.  I think the table looks very festive and I think it is perfect for a Queen of Hearts tea luncheon for friends!

Queen of Hearts Party chair bow Queen of Hearts Party teacup with candy heart