Craft – Butterfly in a Jar

Butterfly in a Jar

With the end of summer and the start of autumn, I thought this craft project would be a fun way to “preserve” those wonderful summer days as the weather starts to get colder.  Below are the supply list and instructions needed to complete this easy “Butterfly in a Jar” craft project.

Butterfly in a Jar – supplies

Jar with a lid
A few artificial ferns or other greenery
A floral spray to add a little color
An artificial butterfly
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
A small amount of potting soil, sand or small rocks

Butterfly in a Jar - supplies

Butterfly in a Jar – instructions

  1. Start with a clean glass container with a lid. (A lid is important because we don’t want the butterfly to fly away!)
  2. Cut the floral spray to fit the size of the container, hot glue the floral spray to the bottom of container.
  3. Cut several ferns in varying lengths to fit the size of the container, hot glue the ferns in various places to the bottom of the container.
  4. Hot glue the butterfly to a wire, then hot glue the wire to the bottom of the container.  When selecting a color for the butterfly, remember to use a color contrast for a visually appealing display.
  5. To give the container a finished and realistic look, scoop potting soil into the container to fill the bottom.  Sand or gravel can be used as other options to fill the container.

Butterfly in a Jar 1 Butterfly in a Jar 2 Butterfly in a Jar 3

After I finished the “Butterfly in a Jar”, I put it on my office desk to replace the floral arrangement already there.  I enjoy glancing at it during the day – it is like having a little bit on summer sitting on my desk!

Butterfly in a Jar - final

For another variation of a container arrangement, please see last months’s Craft post – Glass Dome Arrangement.