Decor – Disney-themed Christmas Wreaths

Disney is a big part of our family’s life and we love all things Disney!  In this post I will show three Disney themed Christmas wreaths – Cinderella, Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland.  All of the wreaths featured a Brass Key porcelain doll and were embellished with inexpensive items that could be found in any craft store.

Cinderella Christmas Wreath

Starting with an artificial pine wreath, I placed a Brass Key porcelain Cinderella doll in the center and attached it with wire.  Then, using the color of Cinderella’s dress as inspiration, I added sparkling blue leaves accented with glitter, small silver berry sprays and large pearls embellishments to complete the wreath.  (Of the three Disney wreaths discussed in this post, this one is the most simple but elegant one)

Wreath - Cinderella - supplies

Wreath - Cinderella

Ariel Christmas Wreath

Using another artificial pine wreath, I placed a Brass Key porcelain Ariel doll in the center and attached it with wire.  Inspired by the “under the sea” world of Ariel, I hot glued several starfish to the wreath and positioned the two largest ones on either side of the Ariel doll.  Next, I added golden leaves and gold berry sprays and then to finish the wreath I added two resin figurines of Flounder and Sebastian. 

Wreath - Ariel 1- supplies

Wreath - Ariel 1

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Wreath

The last Disney Christmas wreath was an Alice in Wonderland themed one.  I started by placing a Brass Key porcelain Alice doll in the center of an artificial pine wreath and attached it with wire and positioned a White Rabbit figurine to the right of the doll.  Then, inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland, I found miniature playing cards and red paper roses at my local craft store and attached these to the wreath.  To finish, I added golden leaves and gold berry sprays to complete the wreath. 

Wreath - Alice in Wonderland - supplies

Wreath - Alice in Wonderland

Also, shown below is another version of an Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas decorations using the same items for a tabletop Christmas tree.

Alice in Wonderland Christmas tree

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