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For this post I am going to give everyone a glimpse of the fall decorations that we had used in our house in California several years ago.  When I start my seasonal decorations, I always begin with a door wreath to set the mood for the decorations that our guests will find in the interior of the home.  Our California house was no exception and for the front door I used a very unusual wreath, instead of a circular one it was an artificial pine teardrop shape wreath with several sunflowers and a festive matching ribbon.  Although this door decoration is very traditional sometimes going with the unexpected form or style can spark some creative ideas.

In the living room of our California home there was a large oak entertainment center that is now in the basement of our Midwest home.  On the top of the entertainment center I used a long pine garland intertwined with lights that would remain for both the Fall and Christmas seasons.  I had planned on keeping the pine garland in place on the entertainment center and switching out the Fall decorations for Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving, so that is the reason the lights were pre-strung onto the pine garland. For the Fall season, I decorated the garland with autumn leaves, berries and golden roses.


Adjacent to our living room in California was the dining room, which was separated by the staircase leading to the upper floor and beneath the staircase was a space with an oak curio cabinet.  In keeping with my design concept of changing my seasonal decorations from year to year, the floral decoration on the curio cabinet in our California house changed from year to year.  One year, I used a floral decoration which started with a layer of greenery and I added red roses, blue flowers and turkey feathers.  The next year, I used two wooden pumpkins and autumn leaves.  (If you look at last month’s Décor post, Halloween decorations, you will see the same pumpkins used in the family room bookshelves of our Midwest home … just another example of re-purposing holiday decorations!)


In the dining room is a lovely oak china cabinet with a beautiful still life painting hanging above.  On the top of the china cabinet, I used a long pine garland intertwined with lights the same way that I did in the living room.  I layered autumn leaves and gold berries onto the garland and added artificial fruits such as red apples, green pears, oranges and lemons.  I think the fruit garland compliments the still life painting beautifully!


The final room I had decorated in our California house was the family room which adjoins the kitchen.  Above the fireplace are three wildlife prints, the large one is of mallard ducks and the other smaller ones are a pheasant and quail.  On the fireplace mantel, I used another long pine garland intertwined with a string of amber pinecone lights.  Next, I layered an autumn ribbon throughout the garland and added small artificial pears and apples clusters.  For a finishing touch, I added several artificial quails to keep with the wildlife theme used in the framed prints.


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