Craft – Tartan & Stag Decorative Crafts

Tartan & Stag - version #2 finished 1

This month I did a Travel post on Balmoral Castle located in the Highlands of Scotland.  The British Royal Family for centuries has been spending the summer months at Balmoral annually since the time of Queen Victoria.  Balmoral has a certain style unlike any of the other Royal residences.  The interior of the house is decorated in the distinctive Highland style with plenty of tartan material and stags that were stalked and killed at Balmoral and featured throughout its many rooms.  So, inspired by this style of design I decided to make a few tartan and stag decorative items.  Listed below are the craft project supply lists and instructions for three different versions.

Tartan & Stag - supplies

Tartan & stag decorative craft item supply list

  • Tartan patterned scrapbook paper
  • Stag accessory – all three ornament pieces I used were found in the Christmas section of my local craft store.
  • Picture frame for version #1, size determined by ornament used
  • Wooden plaque for versions #2 & 3, size determined by ornament used
  • Sandpaper for versions #2 & 3
  • Paint / paint brush for versions #2 & 3, gold and bronze colors
  • Glue stick to attach scrapbook paper
  • Glue gun and glue stick to attach stag ornaments

Tartan & stag decorative craft item – version #1

  1. Disassemble the picture frame; remove frame backing, inserts and glass
  2. Cut the tartan scrapbook paper to fit the frame size
  3. Attach stag ornament to scrapbook paper used hot glue gun and glue stick.  For heavier ornaments use glue in multiple places to secure it properly.  Option: To provide additional support for a heavier ornament, scrapbook paper can be glued to a piece of cardboard.
  4. Reassemble the picture frame; first insert the ornament/scrapbook paper (optional cardboard attachment), then the glass and lastly the frame backing

Tartan & Stag - version #1 finished

Tartan & stag decorative craft item – versions #2 and 3

  1. Sand the wooden plaque to provide a smooth surface and prepare it for painting
  2. Paint the wooden plaque with gold paint, let dry
  3. Cut the tartan scrapbook paper to fit the wooden plaque, allow space to show a small border.  Craft Tip: Be sure to level the pattern before cutting
  4. Attach the tartan scrapbook paper to the wooden plaque with glue stick, smooth if necessary allow paper to lay flat with no wrinkles
  5. Paint the stag ornament(s) with bronze paint, let dry

Tartan & Stag - version #2 painted stag

  1. Attach stag ornament(s) to the wooden plaque using hot glue gun and gun stick  Craft Tip: To add dimension to the piece and raise it off the wooden plaque, add a small piece of wood under the stag ornament(s)

Tartan & Stag - version #3 finished