Decor – Fall Mantel Decoration

For this Décor post I would like to highlight a 2004 Fall Mantel Decoration from our old house in California.  In the family room three animal prints were hung above the fireplace, a large duck print and two vintage prints of a peasant and quail that I had purchased at an antique store.  Using the artwork as inspiration, I went shopping at my local Craft store for themed accessories to use for the mantel decoration.  I start assembling the decoration by using a pine garland placed across the mantel.  Next, I intertwined a string of amber pine cone lights and laced brown autumn 2” wide ribbon throughout the garland.  Then, I added several bunches of berries, red apples and yellow pears.  The final touch was a family of stuffed quails which were the perfect way to tie in the mantel decoration with the animal prints.


This 2004 Fall Mantel Decoration is a wonderful example of using existing home accessories as inspiration for seasonal decoration.  So, take a look around your house and maybe you will find ideas for some holiday decorations to create for your own home!