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Inspired by this month’s craft project, Elegant Easter Eggs, I decide to make several larger eggs to add to my annual Spring decorations for this year.  These larger Elegant Easter Eggs look wonderful displayed in the family room bookshelves of our home.  I made three different ones using oversized paper-mâché eggs tied with beautiful ribbons and then I attached lovely pieces of jewelry to add some elegant sparkle.  The jewelry items that I used were purchased inexpensively on Ebay, but maybe you have a wonderful heirloom broach or pin from your mother, grandmother or other special relative that could be used for a special sentimental touch.  The jewelry that is selected, paint and ribbon can be customized to incorporate the colors and design style of any home.  The Easter Eggs can also be made to give as a wonderful gift for family and friends or maybe a hostess gift when visiting during the Easter season and another suggestion would be to possibly give one as a teacher’s present before Spring Break.

The first Elegant Easter Egg I made was painted with a beautiful gold metallic color. (Décor Art paint called Glorious Gold)  I found 2” wide ribbon at my local craft store in an ivory color and then I wrapped the ribbon around the egg and tied a bow.  Next, I attached a gold and pearl pin that I purchased on Ebay as part of a vintage 1950s parure set that included a necklace, a bracelet and earrings.

The second one that I made was painted with a pretty green metallic color. (Folk Art paint called Metallic Peridot)  I wrapped a 2” wide green ribbon which matched the color of the paint and then I laced the ribbon through a beautiful crystal pin that I also purchased on Ebay to finish the egg with an elegant touch.

The third one was painted with a lovely blue pearl color. (Martha Stewart paint called Glazing Ball)  I found ribbon at my local craft store that matched the color of the paint and then I wrapped the ribbon around the egg and tied a bow.  Next, I attached a crystal and blue round pin that I also purchased on Ebay to complete the craft project.

For more Easter egg decoration ideas, please check out two previous craft posts.  In the first post I discussed how our way of decorating Easter eggs has changed over the years into a more elegant style since our children are now older.  Instead of the mess of coloring eggs, we now decorate our eggs with crystal and pearl stickers.  For more information on this easy craft project from last year, please click on the link to Jeweled Easter Eggs.

Another craft project posted this month, shows three different styles of smaller Elegant Easter Eggs, click on the link to view the photos.  In the post I have included supply lists and easy instructions.  These smaller eggs can be used for display, Easter luncheon or dinner table accessories or party favors and would also make wonderful gifts for family or friends.

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