Celebration – Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sometimes with our busy lives the holidays come too soon and we are not prepared!!  Valentine’s Day is one of those times; it comes after Christmas when most of the time in we have just finished packing the holiday decorations and moving them into storage. Well, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and here are some ideas for last minute projects that are easy to make and take very little money.

“Showered with Love”

This a great project to do with the kids!  All that’s needed are a couple of bags of balloons, I used red and hot pink balloons, but you could also add white balloons.  A variety of colors keeps the display visually interesting.  You can blow up all the balloons in advance and store them in a place hidden from the person you are surprising.  You can fill the balloons with fun messages.  Just write the notes on small pieces of papers tightly roll them up and insert them into the balloons.  Fill the shower stall with the balloons and close the shower curtain.  Tape a large note to the shower door that says, “Good morning!  You have been showered with love!” It is a lot of fun and the kids will love writing the notes and surprising the person!!

This is also a great idea to surprise someone with on a special birthday!!  Just attach a note to the shower door that says, “Happy Birthday! You are showered with love!”

“Heart Attack”

This is another great project for your spouse, family or friend.  The supplies needed for this project are simply some construction paper or scrapbook paper and tape.  You can get fancy; I used red glitter foam left over from the Queen of Hearts Party.  Cut the paper into the shape of different size hearts. You can use red, pink and white for a great look.  Be sure to include one larger heart that says, “With love from your name(s).  Attach the paper or foam hearts with tape and please be sure not to obstruct the front window.  Now, you have one of two chooses: decorate the special person’s car at their home either parked inside the garage or outside on the driveway or street.  Where you decorate the car should be determined by the local weather because snow or rain will definitely affect the paper hearts, please keep that in mind when you are planning this project!

This is another project that could be used for a birthday or anniversary, you can use others colors of paper or foam hearts for the decorations.

A Trail of Kisses

Here is a fun project to do for your kids or adults, too!  Buy a bag of Hershey’s kisses, any flavor.  Leave a trail of kisses on the floor leading to a special gift, maybe a stuffed animal, Barbie, Lego set, etc.  Decide if you want one special gift or several, it is up to you!  It’s easy; the child would follow the trail of kisses to get to the special present!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Please be advised that chocolate can be very harmful for dogs, so take caution when you are doing this activity, we don’t want any dogs getting sick.

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